Karl G. She has become, through her talent and effort, one of the most successful Latin artists in the music industry. And that still has its positives and negatives, as he verified last week with magazine cover GQ Mexico. A subject to which he managed to give a new twist with a most striking T-shirt.

In the sketch where he appears with Ana de Armas As a guest presenter, the soloist wore the “No Photoshop” logo on a black cotton T-shirt. As informal as it is ironic and even satirical. And of course, the repercussion has been gigantic.

Because if the American public was not aware of what he posted on his social networks denouncing the use that said publication had made of his image, they all discovered it over the weekend. Because in addition to laughing with the two protagonists and their sketch, she clarified her position regarding body-shaming and the standards of beauty that society imposes on women.

That’s exactly what he said when he saw his unapproved cover in the Mexican edition of GQ: “I don’t even know where to start this message… Today the cover of my magazine GQ released a cover with an image that was NOT of me. My face doesn’t look like this, my body doesn’t look like this, and I feel very happy and comfortable with my natural appearance. I thank the magazine for the opportunity because i was very happy when they confirmed i would be there but despite my displeasure with the amount of edits they made to the photo they did nothing about it As if in order to look good I needed all these changes. I understand the repercussions this can have, but beyond the feeling that it is disrespectful to me and to the women who wake up every day trying to feel comfortable despite society’s stereotypes.”

From there, thousands of acquaintances and strangers applauded Karol G for going public with what happened with the post. In fact, anonymous followers of the artist decided to retouch the cover and show it as it should have been, and the result was even more spectacular if possible.

What is clear is that the Medellin She has made it clear that she will always be authentic and with her makeovers, she clearly shows how she enjoys enhancing her image. The Colombian went from black to blond, from blond to brown, from this one to turquoise blue and from this one to passion red. But now that Mañana Sera Bonito has been created, it looks like Karol is ready to start a new version of herself. And it is that he changed his look and surprised his fans with a new hair color: pink.

Her followers were able to find out thanks to the photos that La Bichota shared on her social networks, where she poses with a beautiful white flower that holds one of her locks.

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