Everything Karol G wears is a trend. The Colombian star has become one of the most requested and followed artists in the world. your album tomorrow will be beautiful broke all kinds of records, becoming the first Spanish-language album by a female artist to top the Billboard charts. Quite a feat!

But talking about Karol is talking about fashion. The singer from Medellín always bets on the latest trends. Additionally, the singer uses the clothes to send messages. We only have to see the shirt he wore during his performance of SNL where he clearly expressed his opinion on Photoshop.

But Karol doesn’t just take her look to the extreme in her television appearances. Also at their concerts. Last March, the singer wore an incredible military-style three-piece ensemble while performing in Puerto Rico. A look that left the spectators speechless.

Where does the concert look come from?

Now, a few days after that show, we found out where the look came from. And it’s from a Spanish firm! It’s a look from the firm of Alejandre which consists of a loose jacket, kappa-style pants and a corset that sticks to the chest.

Without a doubt, clothes that look great on her, designed by Sandra Alejandre. This is not the first time that this young Spaniard has seen international artists. The Alejandre firm has dressed stars like Dua Lipa, Bad Gyal, Natalia Lacunza, Natky Peluso and Kourtney Kardashian.

The models chosen by Karol G to wear during the concert are part of the Rising 23 collection which she presented at Madrid Fashion Week. Sandra Alejandre gave us all the details of this collection in an interview.

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