The buyer of the Powerball ticket worth over $1.5 million finally claimed his jackpot on Monday, just hours before it expired on Monday afternoon. However, the California Lottery has reported that the verification process still needs to be completed to confirm if you are the winner.

The ticket, worth $1,556,855, was sold on October 26, 2022 at a store in Los Gatos in Santa Clara County.

And it was precisely on April 20 that the California Lottery announced in a press release that it still had no winner, and that if the ticket was not claimed by April 24, the prize could be lost.

According to the California Lottery, two people matched the five numbers. One of these tickets was sold in Southern California. This ticket has already been claimed.

But it was the ticket that was sold at a Mobile gas station on Los Gatos Boulevard in Santa Clara County that went unclaimed.

The draw numbers were 19-36-37-46-56, only Powerball number 24 was missing.

Historic Powerball award winner Edwin Castro has bought a mansion in the Hollywood Hills worth over $25 million.

Lottery officials said someone claimed the ticket this morning but failed to submit the necessary forms to claim a prize.

A few hours later, the person submitted the claim forms to the lottery office, which began the confirmation process.

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