The battle of the roosters crossed the League of Kings with four great representatives who defended the shields of the four finalists with great rhymes

In the Kings League Final Four we had three great shows. Forget foundling and Tiago PZK gave a recital with great songs while Chuty, Skone, Gazir and Bnet they have each defended a team from the last four of the Kings League.

  • Net represented the the trunks CF.
  • gazir defended the shield of El Neighborhood.
  • Beautiful left with Nullifiers CF.
  • Chuty joined forces with Saiyans CF.

And these shocks great rhymes came out of these four champions in Spain and internationally in different cockfighting tournaments.

The best exhibition rhymes in the Kings League

Certainly what skill. There have been pullitas like Shakira’s Session mentioned by several rappers, although everything that started TheGrefg when they asked him for a word and he said the name of the Colombian singer. Large display.

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