As the saying goes, colors are for taste, and of course nothing applies to the Met Gala 2023 more than that saying. We’re used to seeing all kinds of outfits from our celebrities: from the ones that wow us and leave us speechless, to the ones that scare us and put us on our “I’d never wear it” list.

Sometimes we even wondered how they could move with those gorgeous dresses they wear or even those high heels that hurt our feet just looking at them. However, there are also those who, when in doubt, they opt for comfort and say goodbye to discomfort. As proof, Irina Shayk on the red carpet of the Metropolitan Museum in New York on May 1.

The event was inspired by Karl Lagerfeldthe undisputed protagonist of this Met Gala 2023. He was the man who took Chanel to the top and also the one who created endless disputes. The drees code imposed by Anna Wintour has given rise to a lot of play, since it seems that the only option was not to go unnoticed.

Irina Shayk took it literally

Discretion and outfits that annoy everyone had to stay at home if you didn’t want to be on the Vogue boss’s blacklist. So Irina opted for a vintage Yohji Yamamoto dress from 1988 for the red carpet.

Elegance and sensuality went hand in hand and that’s something no one doubts, but for many the shoes gave the song and ruined the whole outfit. Her dress, in satin fabric and with a subtle and elegant flared skirt, combined with white shoes, which many have questioned. There are those who adopt the “to show yourself you don’t have to suffer” and those who think that ballerinas were not the shoes that best suited the actress.

Indeed, the comments on the networks were not long in coming and many are those who questioned the chosen look. And you, would you wear it?

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