Follow these tips and find out how to save on your Amazon Prime Video subscription

Amazon Prime It is one of the most complete services on the market. In addition to free and unlimited delivery to your store, the subscription to the platform includes different entertainment services such as Amazon Music, Prime Reading, Prime Gaming and Prime Video. Even if they all come in the same subscription for the same priceToday we will focus on First video, the film and series streaming platform. For some time, the producer Amazon Originals expanded its catalog with original content such as The boys, american gods a to series of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. This increase in the quantity (and quality) of its content, added to the advantages of other Prime services, make Amazon Prime Video one of the most interesting platforms to subscribe to. If you want to know how to save on your Prime Video subscription, keep reading this article.

How much does the Prime Video monthly subscription cost?

  • the streaming platform First video have a plan monthly subscription of 4.99 euros.
  • This subscription has no type of commitment nor permanence.
  • The subscription automatic renewal each month.
  • You can cancel it whenever you want, you will enjoy the current month and I don’t know will charge the next monthly installment.

Tips for saving on your monthly Prime Video subscription

Tip 1: If you’re a student, sign up for Prime Student

The platform Amazon Premier one available special subscription for students which you can enjoy on a monthly or yearly basis and includes access to all Prime services in addition to First video.

  • There monthly fee of First student It is 2.49 euros per month.
  • There annual quota of First student It is 24.95 per year (2.07€/month).

Tip 2: Sign up for the annual plan

One of the easiest ways to save on your Amazon Prime Video subscription is to subscribe to the annual plan offered by the platform. With this subscription plan, you’ll pay €49.90 for a year of Amazon Prime, saving €9.98 per year.

  • You will have a quota of 4.15 euros per month if you prepay the 12-month subscription.
Original Prime Video products.

Tip 3: Share your Prime Video account

The subscriptions in Amazon Prime Video allows you to create up to 6 profiles on the same account (one default profile and five additional profiles), whether they are children or adults. Each profile has its own content viewing record, as well as the ability to save a custom list with your favorite movies and series or to watch later. Amazon Prime Video allows 3 devices to play different content at the same time.

  • You can divide the expenses between the 3 people that you are going to use First video simultaneously and thus save on the annual or monthly subscription.
Prime Video devices.

Tip 4: Share Prime Video Only When You Need It

You might just be interested in subscribing to First video for the premiere of a specific movie or series and you don’t want a long-term subscription. In this case, you do not need to pay the monthly subscription with automatic renewal, even less to subscribe to an annual plan. One way to save on your Prime Video subscription is to choose the month your favorite product releases and only pay for the time you need..

Share Prime Video.

Tip 5: Is Prime Video included with your phone or internet provider?

Most phone and/or internet companies enter into agreements with some of the streaming platforms in order to access their content. A way to save on First video is to look for a rate that includes access to the subscription. Vodafone, Orange and Finetwork currently have TV tariffs that include Amazon Prime Video.

Mobile with Prime Video.

Tip 6: Ask for an Amazon gift voucher to pay for your Prime Video subscription

Amazon offers gift certificates with which you can buy anything in its store. In addition, they can be exchanged for a subscription to the streaming platform for a certain time, depending on the amount of the check. This gift certificate can only be redeemed if you do not have an active subscription and cannot be combined with other offers, coupons, discounts or promotions.

  • The cost of the donation annual subscription of Amazon Premier It is 49.90€euro.
Amazon Gift Certificate.

Additionally, subscribers to First video can access Main channels from any device. This service allows subscribers to First video subscribe to premium channels like Starzplay for an additional price. No long-term commitment and no need to download apps. The subscription starts with a free trial period and you can cancel it at any time.

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