It’s been over a year since Forbidden Horizon West It was released on PS4 and PS5, being a title that improved everything that was offered in the first installment. Yes, to date this saga of Guerrilla Games He is very young, having only two games on the market, but it has great potential to give him a long career and a future if he continues to do well. So many would think of if they will end up making a Horizon 3.

The good news is that it’s been confirmed for a long time. another game of the saga in development, but it was going to be a purely multiplayer title of which little is known today. You can read more information at this link. Now yes, let’s cut to the chase, everything seems to indicate that a Horizon 3 that continues Aloy’s story is on the way, although it is unknown if it is already in development or not.

Burning Shores, Horizon 3 prologue

Well it turns out Today the first DLC for Horizon Forbidden West is on sale, which expands the story of Aloy lived in this second part. And many players who are already there or have played there echoed the same thing:

  • Actually this serves as a prologue to Horizon 3
  • Without doing a lot of spoilers, Aloy and her experiences in this game pave the way in a very obvious way to start another story who will come in another game, a sequel, basically
  • So, if in doubt, this DLC practically confirm that a Horizon 3 is already running, and I bet it will be released before the launch of the PS6 which should be in 2027

Have you ever played? Well, if you haven’t done it yet (like me, who hasn’t yet), I recommend give him a chance because I have not stopped reading good opinions on this extension. As frozen savages, DLC’s Horizon Zero Dawn In its time, it was a great DLC.

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