Horizon Forbidden West will take exploration to another level with its DLC: go underwater, fly between storms and more

Horizon Forbidden West will take exploration to another level with its DLC: go underwater, fly between storms and more

We have less than a month to get started. burning shoresthe new content added that will come Horizon: West forbidden and which, as many of you already know, will be an exclusive addition to the version of PS5. A few days ago we told you about some details of this DLC such as price, date and booking incentives.

On the other hand, we also explain how to access new content for which it will be necessary to have finished the main story of west forbidden. Now the novelty is a new trailer in which we can see new details of this DLC which paints to look great and a great addition for anyone who has cuter than Aloy.

The latest from Burning Shores next to Forbidden West

  • Guerrilla Games released a new trailer promotional
  • In the short cinematic we can see some curious news
  • They encourage us to meet the machines
  • He water wing it’s a flying machine medium size that can be submerged underwater
  • It is very maneuverable and, when disturbed, is a implacable enemy
  • Get ready to take the plunge with this epic new machine in Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores!
  • This new addition, as happened with those of zero dawn aims to be milk
  • The visual section and the photo mode are going to be crazy

burning shores is the new Downloadable content who will come to Horizon: West forbidden the next 19 of April and it is now available for reservation. Of course, you should be clear that editing PS4 will not have upcoming DLCs and will be content exclusive to the version of PS5.

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