Have you already started your adventure in Honkai: Stellar Rail? the new game HoYover, creators of Genshin Impact, is already available and there are already many players in the world who guarantee that This new game is the studio’s best work to date. I’ve been playing it for a few hours now and I have to say this shows that it is much more polished than Genshin Impact in subjects of animations, cutscenes and even Of the history.

However, more than one game being better than another, they are just very different. Although they obviously share many similarities, being the most important the Gachapon system. This is why the players of Honkai: Stellar Rail who are beginners want to cultivate hard to get the first 5 star characters. Well don’t worry cause HoYover Promised they will give away 10 free spins.

Celebrating the success of Honkai: Star Rail

By Honkai: official Star Rail Twitter account, developers thanked the great success the game had when it launched.

  • For this reason, they announced a small event for next April 30 at 1:30 p.m. CEST
  • you can see it live from YouTube
  • This is a “departure ceremony” during which you can listen to the Opus Stellaris symphony
  • And here’s the interesting thing: They will give away 10 free rounds of gachapon. It is important to mention that the 10 spins are for the promotional banner, so even better!

“Additionally, on the day of the ceremony, we will also give you 10 special Star Rails Passes as a thank you.”

Honkai: Stellar Rail

What to do to get the 10 spins?

You have nothing to do! On April 30, you will receive an in-game email allowing you to redeem the 10 special Star Rail Passes. Redeem them and you can now use them in the promo banner to ride for Seele (or wait until later).

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