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Homicide suspect gunned down, police officer wounded in Oak Cliff standoff

The man wanted by the authorities opened fire and shot an officer

A capital murder suspect was shot and killed while a Dallas police officer was shot Wednesday in West Oak Cliff, police said.
According to authorities, the suspect fired at the police officers and they returned fire. The wounded officer was shot in the foot, was taken to a hospital and released.
Police officers responded to the scene of the shooting in the 2500 block of Bahama Drive near Fort Worth Avenue shortly after 3 p.m. as officers were preparing to serve an arrest warrant for the slain man.

The suspect was in the passenger seat of a vehicle that police followed to the Bahama Glen Apartments complex, police spokeswoman Kristin Lowman said.
As the vehicle entered the complex, officers yelled at the suspect and driver to get out, but only the driver did, Lowman said.
The suspect opened fire, striking an officer, Lowman said. The policemen returned fire and wounded the man.

The suspect and officer were taken to a hospital.
The man was accused of committing a murder in North Texas, Lowman said without elaborating.

The driver was also arrested and it has not been disclosed if he faces charges.
Police declined to release the identity of the gunned-down man and the driver, and did not specify how many officers were preparing to carry out the arrest warrant.

“This was a high-risk capture operation, which is what our fugitive apprehension unit does. It’s for violent offenders,” Lowman said.

Detectives crowded around a red four-door sedan and a white Jeep Friday night. Several bullet holes were visible in the windows of both vehicles.

The sedan’s passenger-side windows were smashed, and several doors were open.

Many neighbors said Friday that they were not in their apartments at the time of the shooting. When they arrived, they saw the police at the compound.
Some were prevented from entering their rooms because police cordoned off a large section of the complex with yellow tape.

Richard Everett, who lives in the block of the complex next to the scene, said he was going through some papers in his bedroom when he heard two loud shots.

“It was heard very loud. I didn’t know what it could have been,” Everett recounted. “If it was a gun, it was a very big gun.”

He said the blasts were followed by a rapid succession of gunshots, and he called 911.
He said the compound is normally quiet, although gunshots are sometimes heard in the distance at night; but he indicated that these incidents do not usually happen near where he lives.

“I didn’t get close. I didn’t want to go out while there was shooting,” Everett said.

The Dallas Police Special Investigations Unit and the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office are investigating, which is common when officers are involved in an incident.
Police Inspector Tonya McClary went to the apartments, where she assured that the Police Community Supervision Office is attentive to the investigation.

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