In this guide I will tell you step by step how to complete the side mission “Stain Remover” of Hogwarts Legacy. This mission is easy and you will only have to explore an area a bit and defeat a troll. Nothing you haven’t done before, right? I’ll also tell you what rewards you’ll get for completing it, as well as how to start it.

“Spot Remover” Side Quest Guide

how does it start

You have to go to Hogsmeade, in the region of Timofila and Canaleja. Nearby, there will be a Hufflepuff student named Sacharissa Tugwood who asks you to find bubotubers. Since you’re an errand boy, you’re going to do it, aren’t you?

How to complete it

Head to the area marked on the map, inside the Forbidden Forest, which is quite a large area. There will be a total 5 bubotubers, which you can easily find with Revelio. Of course, there is a troll in the area that you must defeat yes or yes. Other than that, the rest will be easy for you to understand.

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After that, you can return to Sacharissa to give her the bubotubers and receive your reward.

mission rewards

  • you will receive a Bubotuber Harvest Outfit

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