Georgia police have shot a mall robbery suspect accused of stabbing a Macy’s employee when he tried to intervene.

Gwinnett County authorities say the suspect broke into jewelry boxes and tried to steal items from the store at the Mall of Georgia on Friday morning.

The store clerk was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, while the male suspect was also hospitalized and listed in stable condition, FOX5 reports.

Authorities say the suspect tried to drive away from the scene in a gray pickup truck, but a police patrol managed to stop him, so he got out and ran on foot.

The suspect was then shot by an officer at the intersection where the PIT (Pursuit Intervention Technique, police pursuit tactic) maneuver was performed.

“Our officers made contact with him seeing that he was an armed and dangerous presence in the area,” a spokesperson for the Gwinnett County Police Department told the station.

The mall, located in suburban Atlanta, was closed for a short time before reopening and no one else was injured in the incident.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation will investigate the shooting as it involved police officers.

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