Gael García Bernal, the jester who talks about the apocalypse

Gael García Bernal, the jester who talks about the apocalypse

The actor of tapes as Blindness and Old, refers to the work of the writer and the interpreter as those who try to give messages about the complexities of society so that it acts accordingly. However, this message does not always find an echo.

“We are apocalyptic only to be wrong” explained the philosopher during his speech to refer to his position in which having this position in the current social situation is not exactly negative.

“I think we actually have to deconstruct this difference between good and bad, this dichotomy. The apocalyptic does not necessarily have to end in melancholy, in depression, but it can also be in action. Sometimes it is a call from the jungle.”

In another sense, they both agreed on the commodification of the apocalypse that is detonated through social networks such as visiting Chernobyl after a television series sets it on trend.

Both speakers delved into the concept of supraliminal, which is applied to stimuli whose intensity exceeds such as the explosion of a bomb, the eruption of a volcano or the arrival of a tsunami. This idea is central to the book in question, published by Cataclysm Books.

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