Like every semester League of Legends celebrates one of its two major tournaments. In this case, we’re getting closer to the Mid Season Invitational, which comes with a lot of format changes. As always, in these important tournaments, Riot Games activate different rewards for watching live games.

Today I will tell you about the rewards that we can receive and how to redeem them. If you’re a League of Legends fan, you won’t miss the games, so take the opportunity to see them this way and get the occasional freebie.

Rewards and rewards to see the MSI 2023

  • new smilies on the favorite champions of the community.
  • And exclusive emoticon which can only be achieved by viewing the MSI: Master Yi Ink Shade.
  • The bone usual drops: A reward capsule that will be given at particular times in the game.
    • Pentakill, quadrakill, dragon or nashor flies, etc.

How to get the rewards by watching the MSI

  1. Come into LoLesports.
  2. Login.
  3. enter the calendar to find out when the matches are taking place (It will be from May 2 to May 21.
    • The ace Appointment further relevant are the Early days because that will be where there will be more games and drop opportunities.
    • Yes finalwho always give drops just to see it even if nothing happens.
  4. Mira the game live and on the page LoLesports.
  5. when you look at it, see in the right corner of the player there should be a green tick indicating that all is well.
    • If there is a red tick: Reload the page, log in again or try another browser.
  6. Check your drops in the rewards section. Generally, your League Of Legends account appears automatically after 24 hours.

You can leave it open and do other things while you get your rewards. Remember that this only works live and on the lolesports page.

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