Fortnite: you can now replay the first map of Chapter 1 with this free code

Fortnite: you can now replay the first map of Chapter 1 with this free code

A while ago I started having mixed feelings about Fortnite for a variety of reasons, but one of them has to do with not feeling the need to play battle royale as much lately, which has made me a lot less attached to everything he has to offer. Gone are the days when I could walk around the Choppy Peaks on the Chapter 1 map; although today I bring good news to all who feel like me.

The fact is that last week the new Unreal editor for Fortnite, which is the map creation tool that brings Epic Games’ battle royale Creative 2.0 to life; something that left us a series of new cards which do not have any type of waste, as is the case with the one I want to talk about here. You already read it in the title: someone recreated the map from Chapter 1 of the game and I’ll tell you below how you can enjoy it.

How to get back to Fortnite Chapter 1 map in Creative 2.0

  • The map in question was created by the community user known as Atlas, as collected Jorge Most and Twitter
  • The code to access the island is 2179-7822-3395
  • At the moment it only offers games up to 50 players, but this is a beta version of the level, so the ability is expected to be expanded in the future
  • On this map you can find an exact replica of the one that hosted Fortnite Chapter 1 games

How to search an island in Fortnite Creative with a code?

  • The first thing you will need to do is to access Fortnite itself 1⃣
  • Once in the lobby, you will have to choose the mode 2⃣
  • Once there, you switch the tabs to the last, which receives the name of Island Code 3⃣
  • It’s when alone you have to enter the specific code to take you to the map you want 4⃣

What do you think of the possibilities offered by the new Battle Royale Creative 2.0 tool? I read you in the comments.

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