A long-awaited sequel and several series among the 11 Netflix premieres this week (March 27 – April 2, 2023)

A long-awaited sequel and several series among the 11 Netflix premieres this week (March 27 – April 2, 2023)

Pretty boring week when it comes to Netflix releases, with a highly anticipated sequel as the only powerful release. Next Friday, March 31, he arrives at the quay of streaming Criminals in sight, the sequel to the hit Criminals at Sea. For the rest, some series with interesting premises and other films that might arouse your interest if you read their synopsis. Will you discover with me the 11 Netflix previews scheduled from March 27 to April 2, 2023?

Netflix premieres March 28, 2023

  • mae Martin: you know – Comedy special.

Netflix premieres March 29, 2023


South Africa It is one of the countries that offers us the best original series in recent months. Netflix has relied on this powerful industry to accelerate its development of local series, Invisible being the latest project to hit the platform streaming. A cleaning lady searches for her husband while a fearsome criminal organization unearths the tragedies of her past, ultimately driving her desperately into violence.

Other Netflix releases on March 29, 2023

  • Emergencies: New York – Docuseries.
  • Revised African Traditional Tales – TV series.
  • healthy life to the fullest – Documentary film.

Netflix will air on March 30, 2023


Lowe dress there John Owen Lowe they create and star in this fresh and different comedy centered on a biotech genius who tries to come to terms with a devastating loss with the help of his son, who is struggling to make a name for himself and save the family business.

Other Netflix releases on March 30, 2023

  • Big Mäck: gangsters and gold – Documentary film.
  • Kimi and Todoke: come to you – TV series.
Boksoon Must Die, a Korean thriller that was seen at the 2023 Berlin Film Festival

Netflix will air on March 31, 2023

criminals in sight

Do you remember Criminals at Sea? One of the worst original movies of all time. netflix, and at the same time, one of his greatest successes. The latter prompted the streaming platform to roll a sequel that tries to be ‘more and better’, but will have to be seen to be verified. pseudo there Audrey SpitzNow full-time detectives trying to get their private detective agency off the ground, they find themselves embroiled in an international conflict.

boksoon must die

Byun Sung Hyun (Kingmaker, the ruthless) is the director of this powerful whodunnit action centered on a notorious assassin whose job it is to end the life of whomever she is entrusted with. However, at home she is a single mother. For her, killing will be very easy, but raising her teenage daughter is not so easy. I really want to see this movie that came out in the Berlin Film Festival 2023as a member of Berninal Specialbecause its premise is interesting, to say the least.

The media killer

It is whodunnit Cop Filmed in Taiwan Tells Story of Serial Killer Who Profits from Media Interest in His Crimes; manipulating their victims, the police and the media at will, turning the murders into a media spectacle for the world to see. A film with an interesting and quite current premise, no doubt.

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