My head is still spinning from the massive amount of content Fortnite received with the 24:30 battle royale update, which features the event titled Find the Force and is inspired by Star Wars. The novelties are very abundant (and fortunately I have already included them in a complete and direct summary in this other post), but this time I want to focus on what for me is the highlight of the update: the lightsaber and the new blaster.

While the blaster is a more or less normal weapon to shoot and nothing else, the lightsaber will allow us to obtain a series of special powers that we can deploy in the games if we have it equipped. But… Where exactly can we find it? This is the question I want to answer next.

How to Get the Lightsaber and Blaster in Fortnite

As is often the case with objects that reach Fortnite on the occasion of the celebration of a particular event, We can get these two weapons in several different ways:

  • Find them lying on the ground at different places on the map (they appear randomly)
  • In special Star Wars chests which are scattered around the island (they also appear randomly)
  • I assure you that it is very likely that you will end up finding these weapons in gamessince its appearance rate is very frequent
  • I leave them with a picture of the new chests below so you can see what they look like

What abilities are gained by wielding a lightsaber?

  • In the first place, we can run faster and do double jumps
  • If you approach them from Obi Wan and talk to him, you will learn the ability to push players using force
  • If you bring them closer to Anakin and talk to him, you will learn the ability to attract players to your position
  • If you approach them Darth Maul and talk to him, you will learn the ability to throw objects at opponents using force

you can find these three NPCs in the locations that will be marked on the map. Once you go talk to them, you will learn their respective skills. Anyway, what are your thoughts on this year’s Star Wars and Fortnite event so far?

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