Since epic games announced Creative Mode 2.0 of Fortnite My head is spinning at an exaggerated rate for one specific reason: I can’t wait to see the crazy stuff that the Battle Royale creator community comes up for me to enjoy as soon as I discover it. And, precisely, for this very reason, I am here; to share with all of you and youThe best cards I find in April 2023 for you to have collected them all here.

Of course, before leaving you the list I encourage you to tell me in the comments What cards have you blown away for me to try, put them here so more people can enjoy them. Now yes, let’s go.

Play the first map of Fortnite Chapter 1 with this code

  • The code to access the island is 2179-7822-3395
  • At the moment it only offers games up to 50 players, but this is a beta version of the level, so the ability is expected to be expanded in the future
  • On this map you can find an exact replica of the one that hosted Fortnite Chapter 1 games

Play Call of Duty on Fortnite with this map

  • The map in question is called Rust; this mythical level that originally appeared in Modern Warfare 2 from 2009 and returned with the reboot of the saga
  • you can play it if you enter the code 6650-9855-3010 in creative mode
  • Next, I leave you with a trailer of the map that its creator shared (Javanese haze on Twitter) so you can see it with your own eyes

Flappy Bird is playable in Fortnite

  • The code for this card in question is 3638-6410-4991
  • It is a level entirely made in 2 dimensions
  • It is a clone of the mythical Flappy Bird, but it serves to understand the endless possibilities that the game’s Creative 2.0 has
fortnite flappy bird

How to search an island in Fortnite Creative with a code?

  • The first thing you will need to do is to access Fortnite itself 1⃣
  • Once in the lobby, you will have to choose the mode 2⃣
  • Once there, you switch the tabs to the last, which receives the name of Island Code 3⃣
  • It’s when alone You must enter the specific code to take you to the card you want 4⃣

Finally, I can only remind you that in addition to the cards with which this same article will be updated in the next few days, you have 3 others that are made by Epic Games themselves and that are spectacular. You can easily access it from the game modes tab of Fortnite. What do you think of these Creative 2.0 cards?

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