Five minors die and one is injured in a horrific car accident in New York

Five minors die and one is injured in a horrific car accident in New York

NEW YORK — Five Connecticut miners were killed in a horrific overnight crash on a New York avenue when their car slammed into a tree, authorities said Sunday.

The vehicle was carrying six children, the eldest a 17-year-old teenager, who were traveling Hutchinson River Walk in Westchester County around 12:20 p.m. when the incident occurred.

A county statement said the car “wandered” out of the driveway before hitting a tree and igniting a fire north of the driveway exit. Mamaroneck Road. No other car appears to be involved.

The circumstances surrounding the accident were still under investigation, but authorities determined that five of the occupants were deceased.

Authorities said the victims were between 8 and 17 years old; four boys and one girl. The driver was a 16 year old boy.

A sixth passenger, just 9 years old, survived. This miner was at the back of the Nissan Rogue and managed to escape through the back of the car, according to investigators. Emergency services took him to Westchester Medical Center, where he was being treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Matt Conway, superintendent of schools in Derby, Connecticut, said he learned the children were part of a family who had recently moved to the New Haven County community from New York but had not registered in the district. Conway said he contacted the father on Sunday and offered to provide him with information about supports available in the community for him and his family. He planned to speak to the father again on Monday.

“It’s the unimaginable. Having to arrange now for five of your children to be buried is a very difficult thing for anyone,” Conway said.

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