In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, you can make five changes per game and even six if you go to extra time. That’s why it’s normal for revulsives to decide even matches. And fortunately, in recent days, there have been cards that fulfill this role very well but are quite affordable. I’m talking about Ito TOTS Moments, Deulofeu Flashback and Openda POTM from Ligue 1.

FIFA 23 – Interesting game changers at very low cost

It’s ALL Moments

Positions: RD, MD and SD. Its current price does not reach 30,000 coins. He has four skill stars and a bad leg, high/medium work rate, “Delgado” body type, is 1’77 tall and right handed.

For the striker role, I would appreciate his 85 finishing and 80 shot power being higher. Although anyway, This is a very useful card that generates its own scoring chances.. In fact, he can create very clean chances by not missing the stars and because the dribbling attributes work even better thanks to the Slim Body Type.

Except that He is also very effective as a winger or midfielder, due to his speed and assisting ability.. Although Ito TOTS Moments is a low power player (70), the near perfect pace allows him to be dangerous with spaces. And thanks to his vision of 90, he could decide games with an assist.

He is therefore someone with excellent speed, acceptable in shooting, precise in deliveries and in fine dribbling. All this despite the fact that it does not even reach 30,000 coins. that’s why it’s an excellent booster at a low price. Especially if he will play on the wing or as an MCO, to put someone with better finishing like DC.

Deulofeu Flashback

In-Game Stats Deulofeu Flashback FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Positions: EI and MI. His SBC calls a team with an 85 average, two +86 players, a Premier League player and an IF or TOTS. He has four skill stars and a bad leg, high/medium work rate, balanced body type, is 1’77 tall and right-handed.

attacker who fits even more than Ito TOTS Moments like DC, as his finishing stats and firepower (89) are very strong despite his low SBC cost. He’s also a very quick player and although his body type is balanced, due to his good dribbling we don’t feel him to be brutal.

Deulofeu Flashback is a very balanced footballer. Neither his shooting nor passing stats are surprising at this stage of FIFA 23, but in both cases, it is close to the amount outstanding. His balanced 96 Pace is also a big plus, and at 86 Strength he can handle challenges that other footballers wouldn’t. Aside from the fact that he doesn’t stand out from the stars, he isn’t out of tune either.

Ligue 1 Openda POTM (but not as DC)

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Ligue 1 Openda POTM In-Game Stats
Positions: DC and SD. His SBC predicts a team with an average of 83 which includes a Belgian and another with 84 which includes a Ligue 1 player or an FI. He has three skill stars and a bad leg, high/low work rate, balanced body type, is 1’74 tall and right-handed.

Less interesting than the other two and I don’t recommend it if you’ll be playing as an attacker during the game. But yes it is a good option for going out in a groupsince from there, his three stars of skills and bad leg will bother less.

Openda POTM of Ligue 1 is a player constrained within the area due to a lack of means. But his perfect pace, 90 strength and good dribbling make him an interesting footballer to punish tired defenders. Receive the ball away from the rival area and reach it in the race.

Besides the fact that, although with his left foot he is not very effective, With his right hand he can score many chances for finishing 94 and his 89 in shot power. And while he may not be a top assist, his 87 Vision and 91 Short Passing are still solid stats in the era of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

Here you have Premier League TOTS Prediction there Reyna’s review TOTS Moments. And if you want to be informed about FIFA 23 Ultimate Team news, You can subscribe to the Telegram broadcast channel. Good luck!

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