“Football Nostalgia” started in Ultimate Team a few days ago and unlike in other seasons of FIFA 23, this time we have six different background versions. Three of them are available at level 15 and, by adding the necessary experience, we could redeem one of the cards.

the players are Karia Bakkali (Belgian winger in the Eredivisie), Tiago Ilori (Portuguese central defender in the Portuguese league) and Tim Leibold (German MLS winger). And now I want to comment on what, in my opinion, are the most interesting options. Go for it.

FIFA 23 Season 2 Level 15 Context Analysis

Karia Bakkali the least interesting

Belgian in the Eredivisie. Positions: EI, MI and ED. He has four stars in skill and bad leg, medium/low work rate, build Short but strong, he is 1’68 and right-handed. I recommend using it with Hunter.

I consider the Least Interesting Bakkali because Belgium don’t stand out as much as in other Ultimate Team seasons, because in their league we already have Gakpo TOTT at a low price and because they will suffer from some annoying weaknesses.

Although it reaches 90 steps, his sprint drops to 87 and will only go up to 95 with Hunter. In addition to the fact that he has a horrible vision (71) for this time of FIFA 23. So despite the fact that some attributes are very good and he does not miss the stars, he would be the last choice.

Tim Leibold if you want to give chemistry to other MLS cards

German MLS. Positions: LI, CAI and MI. He has three skill stars and a bad leg, high/medium work rate, balanced body type, is 1’74 tall and left-handed. I recommend using it with Shadow.

If MLS is an interesting league for you because you want to use cards like Bale End of an Era, Lima Fantasy FUT, Mukhtar Moments or Riqui Puig Fantasy FUT; you could choose Tim Leibold. So you will have another footballer to give chemistry to the rest of the players in the competition.

east german side weak in sprint, will only reach 95 after applying Shadow as chemistry. It’s not an unforgivable error, but at certain points in the game we could suffer because of this little lack of speed. Apart from the fact that physically he will not be very efficient either.

But with acceleration he conforms and defensive stats are decent for this moment in FIFA 23. Along with the fact that he has dribbling numbers worthy of a winger, 84 in vision and 83 in short passing. If he is free to climb, he could be an interesting resource for our attacks.

Tiago Ilori as general option

Position: DFC only. He has a low/high work rate, a tall and balanced build, is 1’90 tall and right-handed. I advise to use it with Shadow.

Finally, Tiago Ilori is Background I recommend if you are not looking for MLS maps. If the American league is not so appealing to you and you don’t want to connect to some of its special versions; I would just like to exchange this Portuguese DFC.

It shouldn’t be a top player. His intercept (83), intelligence (84) and sprint (86) numbers could be higher. But the acceleration 81 is very good, he reaches 88 in interceptions and physically he is also convincing.

Tiago Ilori Trabackground he reaches 89 strength, he measures 1’90 and his morphology will make him more powerful. So some attributes could be higher, but he will combine adequate speed, physical power and accuracy when trying to win the ball one-on-one.

Given that special builds are constantly arriving in FIFA 23, this isn’t a surprising card. But I expect it to work well, it works in most cases.

I also want to warn that some of these backgrounds may increase in value if they receive very good links in the future. I mean, maybe EA Sports decides to release some pretty powerful cards that have chemistry with one of them. But obviously, we cannot predict what will happen. So I’m doing the analysis based on the options that are already available in Ultimate Team.

Here you have Articles by Luis Diaz there Patrick Bamford Ballers FUT. If you want to be up to date with FIFA 23 Ultimate Team news, You can subscribe to our Telegram broadcast channel. Good luck!

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