Besides other maps that we can get for free (such as CONMEBOL Libertadores staff foundations or icon versions Denis Bergkamp), at level thirty of the current season of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team there are three Free to play Background. They are Nacho Fernandez, Scott McTominay and Kevin Lasagna.

If we add the necessary experience, we could redeem the player’s choice to choose one. So here you have the classic analysis to comment on what is, in my view, the most interesting option of all.

FIFA 23 Level 30 Football Nostalgia Background Analysis

Kevin Lasagna the least interesting

Positions: DC and SD. He has four stars for skill and one bad leg, high/low work rate, Tall & Balanced+ body type, is 1’86 tall and left handed.

The lasagna is clearly the one I recommend the least. He has good pace and promising dribbling stats, but they shouldn’t work as well for his size. Although mostly worries about completing 80 and seeing 75.

He will not be a specialist scorer, nor a great assistant. Aside from the fact that right now in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team it’s getting easier and easier to have attackers with five skill stars or a bad leg. So I wouldn’t use someone of his characteristics when we have reasonable cost alternatives that have more resources to hurt the rival.

If your budget is low… Nacho or McTominay according to your needs

Although they play different positions, I consider Nacho and McTominay Background to be very similar cards. Because these are the typical ones that shouldn’t offer a top level, but a very decent one. Although at the same time As we have already found some useful low cost alternatives on the market, I don’t think they are interesting for most users. by FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

But if you have played little, your budget is very low or you prefer to save; anyone could serve to fill a position on your team while you collect coins or socks to make someone even more compelling in the future. If you are in this situation, I would choose one or the other depending on who fits in your XI.

While if you can spend a few coins, I prefer Fernando Fantasy FUT or Piqué Rulebreakers in front of Nacho Fernández. Other than that, you can have Foyth Fantasy FUT for free.

And in the case of McTominay, before using Zakaria Path to Glory for this destructive midfield role. Because recently, its price has come down a lot, and it barely costs around 107,000 coins in the general market.

Why doesn’t McTominay seem very special?

In-Game Stats McTominay Trasfondo FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Positions: CDM and CM. He has three stars for skill and four for bad leg, medium/high work rate, tall and balanced build, he is 1’93 and right handed.

He has good conditions to play the role of containment midfielder. His pace is far from the best but at least he is decent, most defensive stats are very good and physically he will be very dominant. It is not usual to find midfielders arriving at 1’93 in height and 93 in strength.

However, I think it loses value because shares league with Zakaria Path to Glory. A footballer very close in number, but superior in two aspects where McTominay Background is more vulgar: sprint (he has 90 instead of 82) and intelligence (87 instead of 84).

Since it barely costs around 107,000 coins in the general market, I would use chelsea footballer instead of this free version FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. It would therefore not be something special because of its characteristics, but because of the interesting alternative that we can sign.

Why doesn’t Nacho Fernández seem very special?

In-Game Stats Nacho Fernández Background FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Positions: DFC and LI. He has two stars for skill and four for bad leg, low/high work rate, balanced body type, is 1’80 tall and right-handed.

His defensive stats are excellent. They’re no surprise at this point in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, but it’s still positive to hit 90 interceptions, intelligence, and robberies. The 87 in force is also convincing and the 88 of sprint is privileged for the position it occupies.

Nacho Fernández Trasfondo’s problem is that joins the small size (1’80) with much better acceleration (76). That’s why he should almost always perform well in individual situations, but not be a top person.

In FIFA 23, we find central defenders who do not stand out for their size but who are very quick to start. And others with similar accelerations, but which approach or even exceed 1’90. Unfortunately, it relaxes on both points. And because of that, it shouldn’t be a top DFC..

Who do I choose if no one is on my team?

In case none of them interest you, I would choose Nacho for what might happen in the future. I don’t know what special versions will come later, maybe McTominay is key to creating a very valuable hybrid. But since I don’t have this information, I think it’s better to look at the club and the nationality of each one.

Manchester United and Real Madrid receive new letters with some frequency. But while in Scotland there were hardly any usable players, in Spain, interesting articles usually appear from time to time. Then I would trade Nacho Trasfondo Just in case, in a while this might be the key to forming a hybrid.

I leave you here Roy Keane’s Icono Trophy Titans review there news of another possible Icon SBC. If you want to be informed about FIFA 23 Ultimate Team news, you can join telegram broadcast channel. Cheers!

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