I guess many users will be delighted with the start of FUT Birthday and leaks are already emerging on its content. We have to wait until Friday for the event to start, but today a new team of the week has arrived in FIFA 23. It’s TOTW 21, De Jong is one of its main protagonists and we have two featured IFs from Argentina: Ezequiel Palacios (Bundesliga midfielder) and Thiago Almada (MLS striker).

Although unfortunately I consider it to be one of the weakest TOTWs of the season. Obviously, the former had worse cards. But that’s mediocre compared to options that have already appeared in events and SBCs. If you have a team of a certain level, probably none of them will be very interesting for you.

FIFA 23 TOTW 21 (Team of the Week)

They will appear in FIFA 23 wraps until March 29 at seven in the afternoon Spanish time.

There are four footballers with an average of 88: De Jong, Osimhen, Douglas Luiz and Tsygankov. The Dutchman has good dribbling and passing numbers, as well as very decent pace. But the improvement over his gold is not very large and does not reach the level of his path to glory.

In-Game Stats De Jong IF FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Victor Osimhen TIF is quite similar in number to his POTM. However, it loses a watermark star. It only reaches three, although it can still be very useful as a repellant. Because he is very fast, physically powerful and reliable in shooting. While his great lack is precision as an assistant.

In-Game Stats Osimhen TIF FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

As has happened in other recent teams of the week, in TOTW 21 we find many players who meet in many aspects and even stand out in some of them. But since they are also seriously lacking in others, they shouldn’t be so interesting like other alternatives.

A good example of what was said would be Ezequiel Palacios. His passing, dribbling and defending attributes are very good; but the pace of 77 is unbalanced and the sprint drops to 70. Horrible speed that could bother us a lot at times.

Yes Almada (the other IF featured in this TOTW 21) will also be a footballer with lights and shadows. He meets the stars (four in both aspects) and his agility and balance numbers are spot on. It will be very electric over short distances, but it does not exceed 81 on completion. His vision is also low (82) for this moment in FIFA 23 and with Cazador he would barely reach 94 sprint.

In-Game Stats Palacios IF FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Almada IF FIFA 23 Ultimate Team In-Game Stats

Eventually, probably Tsyganko and Douglas Luiz SIF are two of the most valuable footballers in this team of the week. The first (Ukrainian right-handed winger from LaLiga Santander) will be difficult to link, but in the teams of his competition, it could well be. Thanks to its pace of 93, we could use it with Motor as chemistry. And he has very solid passing and dribbling skills.

While Douglas Luiz is a Brazilian Premier League CDM/MC. It’s a shame he only reaches the two bad leg stars, and his pace is barely bearable. But with the ball he will not be very rough, his passing statistics are worthy of a player midfielder and the defenses of a CDM. so it could be An interesting low cost option if you are looking for someone who is reliable on the back and does not bother too early in the game.

Stats in game Tsygankov SIF FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
In-Game Stats Douglas Luiz SIF FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
His featured IF had four bad leg stars, but this version barely hits two.

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