FUT Heroes are more special in FIFA 23 than they were last season because they fit into any XI if we put them in the right position. As well as helping to bond with other players in your competition. For this reason, some people might be looking for a former football player for certain positions. What if last week we were talking about a playmaker and a midfieldertoday we want to comment that Antonio Di Natale is always an interesting option.

Positions: DC, SD and EI. Its current price is 348,000 coins on the global market and 392,000 on PC (according to Futbin.com). He has four stars for skill and bad leg, high/low work rate, body type Short and thin – he is 1’70 tall and right handed.

Why is Di Natale FUT Heroes still interesting in FIFA 23?

For this weak but scoring attacking profile, we prefer Emilio Butragueño Medium. He’s only a little more expensive, he gets five stars for the bad leg, and his vision is superior. But if you’d rather use someone with a four-in-one ability or want to give Serie A players some chemistry, then Di Natale can still be an option to consider.

It currently hovers around 350,000 coins in the general market and does not perform impressively, barely fair in many ways. But He remains competitive and does not cost too much despite being a former player. That’s why we recommend it, because it still works well and its price is not exorbitant.

It is especially interestingIf you are looking for the typical highly efficient DC in the area. Someone who tends to go unnoticed away from goal, but provides shooting safety and knows how to generate his own scoring chances.

In Di Natale FUT Heroes we point out that with Hunter as chemistry, combines 99 acceleration, 97 positioning, 99 finishing and 91 shooting power. With spaces, he barely conforms because of his weak physique and because he only reaches 96 sprint after applying the style. But his deactivations are very good, he is quick from the start and inside the box he strikes a lot.

From the outside, it might also come as a surprise. He hits a long shot of 91 and has both “Quality Shot” and “Outside Shot”. Although vWe appreciate his ability to generate his own scoring chances more. Because he meets the stars (four in both installments) and his interesting dribbling numbers shine even more thanks to his height of 1’70 and his morphology.

Di Natale FUT Heroes the typical FIFA 23 fragile but electric DC. Barely acceptable in long runs, it can even be out of tune at times and it’s normal for us to suffer from its 70 strength. But in the head-to-head near goal, this lack of size works in our favor. This makes him electric and because of that he is adept at creating his own shooting opportunities.

While As an assistant he doesn’t stand out, but at least he more than fills in. In today’s Ultimate Team era, it’s no surprise that a forward combines 85 Vision and 86 Short Passing. But those are enough numbers to almost always hit shipments.

Good option at a reasonable price, especially if it suits your style

We feel that Di Natale FUT Heroes was much more special at the start of FIFA 23, he will have lost a lot of value. but stay He’s someone useful for competitive templates. Although it does not offer incredible performance, it is effective for his shooting precision, the quality of the dribble and the perfect acceleration with Cazador as alchemy.

If I was an active gamer we would consider this a bit pricey, but as a former Serie A footballer, it’s interesting. Because it fits into any Ultimate Team XI and helps give chemistry to other maps in Italian competition.

This is even more advisable if you tend to dominate games through possession and take advantage of weak but fine attackers. in driving. If you prefer backlashes and your games tend to be very fast, we don’t think it’s worth it. In long races he is not special, his 96 sprint with Cazador seems inferior for lack of strength. But if you tend to attack calmly, he’s still a very useful attacker.

And since the lack of wingspan means it doesn’t stand out when it comes to riding at top speed, Ideally, he should be accompanied by more successful footballers in these situations.. For FIFA 23 attackers even faster and physically powerful, who are more resistant to fights. This way, you won’t be very limited in front of the typical rivals who advance their defensive lines a lot.

we leave you here Mario Balotelli’s Flashback article. If you want to be informed about FIFA 23 Ultimate Team news, you can join telegram broadcast channel. Cheers!

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