Since yesterday we can finish an SBC that guarantees a TOTS Eredivisie And, if they keep last year’s schedule in FIFA 23, another could arrive today for the community team. But I guess a lot of people will be waiting for the Premier League Team of the Season and be careful because according to what appears to be leaking from the Twitter account @FIFA23Leaked_, Marcus Rashford, Kevin De Bruyne, Bukayo Saka and Kieran Trippier they would be part of it.

Also the Twitter account @FootSheriff comments that Saint-Maximin would come out as TOTS Moments, and looks like it could be via SBC. Although it is not clear whether he would appear next to the English league TOTS or at another time. Maybe we could see it even sooner.

FIFA 23 Leaks – Some Premier League TOTS

I guess the leaker doesn’t know the averages or stats these footballers would have, so it’s harder to guess if they would be more or less outstanding. We do not know if EA Sports will decide to make the TOTS of the top five leagues more or less powerful. But a priori, many of them are very promising.

Kevin De Bruyne has his TOTY as a reference. I imagine it would be very expensive in the market, but it would be great to receive it in the rewards. And while he usually doesn’t stand out defensively, he should because of his offensive resources.

Marcus Rashford could be one of the big stars of the Premier League TOTS. Because his World Cup Stories card already combined five skills with four bad legs, so he will probably keep them. And his own Body Type has been very effective in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, this year it works pretty well.

Saka already has balanced stats in previous builds, but I think he could use a star upgrade really be on top. And Trippier would mostly depend on improving the pace. His Winter Wildcards were at 88 in that regard, but he was lopsided against sprinting (83).

Although Trippier’s SIF barely hits 76 beats, his Winter Wildcards go up to 88 in that regard (cards thanks to

Saint-Maximin as possible ALL Moments SBC

Saint-Maximin was already filtered as TOTS Moments last week, but it is striking that on the image one can read “SBC”. And I guess a lot of FIFA 23 users would be happy if I participated in a Squad Building Challenge. Due to its popularity in Ultimate Team, it might be too expensive as a transferable.

Although logically, one would have to see the requirements and the level of the letter. He already has a fast Winter Wildcards, with five skill stars, four bad leg and some strength. But I would really appreciate a major improvement in shooting, passing and even some dribbling attributes. It could be a type of attacker very similar to Free pay to play (in fact, they share the body type).

In-Game Stats Saint-Maximin Winter Wildcards FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.
It is his best letter to date.

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