A few weeks ago we published an article on the best (reasonably priced) left-backs in the big five leagues FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. However, last Friday came community team there Andrew Robertson TOTS is one of its members. It’s far from a bargain, it exceeds 300,000 pieces in the general market. But it doesn’t have an exaggerated price either, and I consider it the most interesting LI in English competition.

Positions: LI and CAI. Its current price is 325,000 coins on the global market and 270,000 on PC (according to Futbin.com). He has three skill stars and a bad leg, high/high work rate, his own body type, he is 1’78 tall and left handed. I advise to use it with Shadow or Anchor.

FIFA 23 – Review by Robertson ALL

I would like him to exceed the three stars of skills and a bad leg is his great lack. Besides the fact that he is not the typical player who is very dominant in the clinch, some of the full-backs greatly exceed his 1’78 in height and even his 80 in strength.

But while it may be more forceful face-to-face, He is one of the most reliable footballers in his position thanks to defensive stats. Because after applying Shadow, he has 99 interceptions, 94 intelligences, 99 interceptions and 99 tackles. Other than that, his own body type is quite effective.

Because of his defensive qualities, Robertson TOTS knows how to stand up to very demanding attackers. Remember TOTY’s Cole Icon in this sense, for not be very powerful physically but quite confident thanks to its precision during the flight.

And own body type It’s interesting both to defend and to attack. Although his agility (86) and balance (85) drop compared to other dribbling attributes, he feels quite electric on the pitch. He has no problem turning or dribbling his opponents in a one-on-one situation.

For its ride quality, the three stars of skill and bad leg are not so damaging. Because even so, he knows the terrain with ease. Thanks to 99 stamina, he’s able to do this very frequently, and it doesn’t impede traffic either.

Even at this stage of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, It’s great that an LI combines 87 vision, 88 short passing and 86 long passing. These are worthy numbers for an attacker, and for this reason he can do a lot of damage with triangles to his teammates.

Therefore, Robertson TOTS is clearly lacking in stars and could be much more physically powerful. But his own body type is very good this year, which makes the dribbling numbers even better. And that, combined with its playing precision and its unbeatable resistance, make it a an interesting offensive resource. While in his own domain he almost always shows a lot of security because his defensive qualities are worthy of a central defender.

So is it worth it?

I don’t know what content we will see in FIFA 23 next. Maybe the cards will arrive with better conditions for a similar price, or similar in performance but much more affordable. Even if in the current situation of Ultimate Team, yes I recommend it because it works rather well.

Like TOTY icon Ashley Cole, Robertson TOTS is a very compelling LI. Even if I would put the Liverpool footballer slightly above, it seems a bit better to me. And without being an impressive deal, I consider him a very interesting signing if you have a good budget and don’t need to reinforce other more important areas of the pitch.

It is a letter that can adapt very well to different roles. If he is to be a top player in attack, despite his stars he knows how to perform as the body type makes his dribbling figures even better, as a passer he also does not disappoint and his stamina of 99 keeps it cool. And if you’re mostly concerned with performance at the back, he’s also compelling with his defensive stats.

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