Other than that, it also seems to have been leaked an Icon SBC card with a five-star watermarkthe Twitter account @FIFA23Leaked_comments that Loïs Openda would be the next Ligue 1 POTM in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. And that its SBC would be available in the next few days (logical thing, since The candidates were announced last week).

Leaked FIFA 23 – Ligue 1 Openda POTM

I don’t think he was ever a very popular striker in Ultimate Team, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t be interesting. Actually, It has many options to be very useful as he has already received three IFs in FIFA 23.

In her best letter to date, Loïs Openda convinces with a lot of statistics. Perfect pace is one of them, but he also has very good numbers in positioning (92), finishing (93) and shooting power (88). His passing is very decent, some dribbling numbers are quite good (like 93 in agility and balance) and he even reaches 87 in strength.

He is already a complete footballer who, if we use as input we can improve some aspects a lot with chemistry. Being so naturally fast, it works well with styles like Artist and Finisher.

His big weakness in FIFA 23 are the stars, only reaching three skills and bad leg. But POTMs sometimes raise these aspects, so I think it could be very useful. If he only had four bad legs, he would be very effective as a centre-forward.

And if he keeps his natural stars (a little disappointing), then we could at least put him on the wing and act as a pure winger who doesn’t appear too much inside. Except that your FIT already has good conditions to be revulsivebecause the 99 rhythm is dangerous against tired defenses.

It looks like a promising POTM as he could improve his TIF numbers even further. Although, above all, he would be more valuable if he reached at least four on a bad leg.

I leave you here Bonucci Flashback article. And if you want to be informed about FIFA 23 Ultimate Team news, you can join telegram broadcast channel. Cheers!

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