We close the content referring to the CCSis this Wednesday with a classic player choice challenge that appeared a while ago in FIFA 23 Ultimate team. As usual, here you will find an affordable model to solve it and our opinion on it, but before doing so, we recommend that you keep an eye on the players who make up the last team of the week of the season (TOTW 26)as well as the letter free to play of money that arrived today in the game.

SBC “Player’s Choice 85+”

This DCP can be carried out until friday april 28 at seven in the evening (Spanish peninsula time). The prize will consist of a player’s choice between three cards with an average of 85 or more. It can be repeated twice every 24 hourseven if the footballer we choose it will not be transferable.

  • Min. 1 player of OVR 84 and above
  • Min. 1 OVR player 85+
  • Minimum team star value: 83
25,900 coins in general market and 29,900 in PC

It seems to us one of the most interesting random SBCs that have arrived recently. Because we hardly have to sacrifice an 83 pattern and, even if we can only choose one, we will see three +85 cards. So if you have the untradeable items to do it, you can complete it multiple times right before the TOTS event starts.

By clicking on the following link, you can see how to get secure TOTS through Division Rivals and Squad Battles. follow us on our official Telegram broadcast channel if you don’t want to miss any FUT 23 news.

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