The ten-piece daily envelope and the three new groups of milestones to get free content (which guarantees a TOTS, the one tied to a cup there one that includes many replaced) were accompanied by several SBCs. And among them we find that of Tammy Abraham RTTF, who will be available in FIFA 23 until April 28. It’s a dynamic version and it will depend on what happens with your club in the Europa League from the semi-finals. They have to face Leverkusen and, if they reached the final, they would play Sevilla or Juventus.

By qualifying for the finals, this item would achieve five stars for bad leg. And if they won the tournament, that would also raise their skill stars to five. But at the moment, he only has four in both aspects. And since we don’t know what will happen in real football, We will analyze its current characteristics. Go for it.

Positions: DC and SD. Its SBC currently costs around 191,000 coins in the general market and 204,200 on PC. He has four stars in skill and bad leg, high/medium work rate, high and balanced body type+, is 1’95 tall and right-handed.

FIFA 23 – Analysis by Tammy Abraham RTTF

He is a particular attacking profile because he will combine enormous height, a lot of strength (96) and speed with a rather unbalanced dribble. So it should be rough at close range, but very dangerous with spaces. And because of that, we don’t think he’s an interesting player for everyone. It will probably depend on your own taste, what style of attacker you prefer to use.

His body type is Tall and Balanced+ instead of Tall and Balanced. By having that “+” he’ll be lighter in play. But anyway, he’s 6’3″, agility drops to 78 and balance to 80. The logical thing is that it’s clumsy when trying to dribble in a one-on-one situation or trying to make changes in direction. If you only want to use very exquisite footballers in the dribble, we do not recommend it.

These dribbling deficiencies will lead Abraham RTTF to not being as effective at generating own scoring chances. But when he can shoot, he has to hit very often.

It has the Outside Shot and Quality Shot traits. His shooting numbers are already very good naturally, reaching 97 finishing and 91 shot power. With Cazador he will be someone top as a finisher, and even with Motor he will be able to score in many clear situations.

I would like to have five stars in skills or a bad leg, to have more one-on-one resources against central defenders. But in free running, the English striker should be very effective.

Few FIFA 23 Ultimate Team level centre-backs match his 1’95 height and 96 strength. For this reason, and for its positioning 94, we hope that Abraham RTTF works great on long trips. Because he will take advantage of his size to annoy players and because it won’t turn into a fight so easily.

And finally, It is interesting that he combines 88 vision with 92 short passing. Because these strong attackers can frequently receive central defenders behind the back, protect the ball with their body and wait for their teammates to release.

Thus, due to its current characteristics, we hope that Abraham RTTF not be an interesting striker for everyone. It will be a particular player, as his unbalanced dribbling will disturb when we try to generate static chances with him. He will not have an exquisite conduct nor will he be distinguished by his stars. However, with spaces, it could do a lot of damage. So depending on your style of play and your preferences, we recommend it or not.

Major Roma FIFA 23 Ultimate Team special builds
At least for now, we can’t find too many options at his club.

So is it worth it?

With its current specs, we consider it more expensive than it should be. But it’s not an absurd price either. AND we recommend it or not depending on your platform and your own tastes in advanced position.

We do not recommend Abraham RTTF for the old-gen version from FIFA 23. Because in this gameplay, the fact that a DC is so powerful physically is not as positive as in the next generation. Besides the fact that low agility is more negative, and having a favored finisher isn’t that special.

But in the new generation, it could be interesting. If you are comfortable with this type of attacker who is raw from afar but goalscoring and effective in space; the logical thing is that he plays very well in this role. Accompanied by someone more exquisite in dribbling or with better stars, he could offer a good level.

Therefore, we don’t think it’s worth it if you’re playing in the old-gen version of FIFA 23. Whereas in the next-gen, We recommend it if you are looking for that very dangerous attacking profile in long runs. Do damage to rivals with forward defenses or counterattacks, in exchange for supporting their gaps with dribbling during the static attack.

And obviously, he could level up a lot if he received the star upgrades. But we don’t know if that will happen or not or what Ultimate Team’s situation will be at that time, so We limit ourselves to talking about its current characteristics.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team England Competitive Map Examples
Besides former players like Joe Cole Heroe Titans Trophyin England there are quite a few usable cards (cards thanks to

Recommended Chemical Styles

  • Hunter: His sprint will barely improve by three points, but he will also receive an interesting +8 haste to reach perfection. On top of that, he will combine 98 positioning, 99 finishing, and 95 shooting power.
  • Engine: Valuable alternative, since he naturally has good numbers of shots and will greatly appreciate the dribble boost. He will increase his agility to 82, balance to 88, and dribbling to 99. On top of that, he will get vision +4 (up to 92), short passing (96) and long passing (67). The negative point is that it will hardly reach 95 acceleration, so it will feel less explosive at start-up.

CCS Solution

  • Min. 1 Serie A player
  • Minimum team star value: 87
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC Abraham RTTF
191,000 coins in general market and 204,200 in PC

We remind you that the Tammy Abraham RTTF SBC will not expire until April 28th. Here you have the message on the best reasonably priced strikers for the big five leagues. Also the news of a notable EA Sports FC leak. And if you want to know when we will release FIFA 23 Ultimate Team content, you can join telegram broadcast channel. Good luck!

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