FIFA 23: Is Ederson FUT Ballers worth it?  + CCS solution

FIFA 23: Is Ederson FUT Ballers worth it? + CCS solution

While FUT anniversary leaks continue, FUT Ballers week ends in FIFA 23 with Ederson’s SBC. If we complete it, we will receive your version with an average of 90. And if we exceed your specific goal, we will receive the letter of 91 for our Ultimate Team club.

The most powerful element is distinguished by the achievement of 99 reflexes. To achieve this, we would need to win at least five Squad Battles (or Division Rivals) matches on Amateur difficulty using Ederson FUT Ballers himself. And both the challenge and its pattern-making challenge They will be available until March 31..

Version with 90 average

Its SBC currently costs around 69,400 coins in the general market and 77,900 on PC. He is 1’88 and left-handed. He has the Long Passing, Going Out of Goal, and Fetching Crosses traits.

Version with an average of 91 (it would be received when it exceeded its target)

Ederson FUT Ballers 91 FIFA 23 Ultimate Team In-Game Stats
Along with the stat boost, it adds other traits like Quality Shot or Classy Passing (just like the other cards in the set).

FIFA 23 – Ederson FUT Ballers is it worth it?

We don’t usually analyze goalkeepers because we consider that to be a special position in Ultimate Team. They are almost never handled by us and we believe that it is even more difficult to guess how they will behave in the game.

But in this case, if you will be able to fulfill their specific purpose, we recommend doing the Ederson FUT Ballers SBC. Because for a fairly reasonable cost, we would add to our club a card with an average of 90 and another with a 91.

You can try the most powerful one in case it works well in FIFA 23. And if you are not convinced, it would also allow you to devalue another future Squad Building Challenge. Because his overall rating is quite high.

The Ederson FUT Ballers challenge must be completed in Division Rivals or Squad Battles, just like the other maps in the Play With Style objective group. Therefore, if you think you have time to overcome them, we recommend doing all SBCs and get a large number of footballers with a considerable average.

Challenges and Squad Building Challenges expire March 31. So if you’re running out of socks in your FIFA 23 club right now, you can wait in case you’ve saved some FUT Anniversary Kickoff Packs. You may be able to complete it with non-transferable items that you receive in packs that you have reserved.

CCS solution

Challenge 1: Brazil

Reward: About gold.

  • Min. 1 player from Brazil
  • Minimum team star value: 82
Ballers FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC Ederson FUT
23,400 coins in general market and 28,000 in PC

Challenge 2: Premier League

Reward: In regards to mix of players Prime.

  • Min. 1 Premier League player
  • 1 player min. : Team of the Week (TOTW)
  • Minimum team star value: 83
Ballers FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC Ederson FUT
46,000 coins in general market and 49,900 in PC

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