FUT Birthday includes daily SBCs and that’s why cards like those in FIFA 23 appear Pedri oh Iwobi. But until Friday, March 31, we can still get the most powerful versions of FUT Ballers from “Play in Style”. And while they’re not very appealing items to play for people with top teams, Yes, they can be very useful for those who can’t (or just don’t want to) spend too much.

That’s why today I want to recommend an eleven that I consider very good value for money. It allows you to take advantage of many items that are bargains, which cost quite little but offer a great level in Ultimate Team.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team – Low Cost Team

We recommend using outfielders with the chemistry styles you can see in the picture.

You need to complete the “Play in Style” objectives to get the most interesting builds of FUT Ballers (and you might even complete the challenges of Joselu Birthday FUT). And while you have to spend averages to complete SBCs, these players have high overall ratings. For what, when you no longer need them, they would make other team building challenges pretty cheap.

Although the strikers are Bamford and Ferrán Torres, during matches you can place them in other positions. Actually, I recommend using the England striker on the left flank. Luis Díaz and Lucas Moura fit more into the DC role. And if you’re playing with three (in patterns like 4-3-2-1), Bamford could be the typical midfielder who then only has to focus on defense to cover one of the wings.

And logically, You can make changes to this FIFA 23 Ultimate Team if you feel like it. If you already have level cards in certain positions, try including them. You can even replace Ferrán Torres with the Free FUT Anniversary Joselu if that suits your style of play more.

Current transfer card prices

  • Miranda RTTF: 68,000 coins in the general market and 70,000 on PC.
  • Oscar De Marcos Fantasy FUT: 52,000 coins in the general market and 57,000 on PC.
  • Van Dijk or: 56,500 coins in the general market and 60,000 in PC.
  • Fernando Fantasy FUT: 42,500 coins in the general market and 49,250 in PC.
  • Vinicius Souza’s future stars: 27,750 coins in the general market and 30,000 on PC.
  • Lucas Moura RTTF: 75,500 coins in the general market and 69,000 on PC.
  • Ferran Torres RTTF: 59,500 coins in the general market and 59,500 in PC.
  • The total amount that would be 381,750 coins in the general market and 394,750 on PC.
  • This price are branded by Futbin.com.

Good goalkeeper and two of the best full-backs in value for money

I tested Ederson in this FUT Champions and he performs pretty well, he doesn’t usually make a lot of gross mistakes and occasionally he makes some very deserving saves. While the sides are two of the most interesting cards, value for moneyavailable in their respective positions.

we already talked Miranda RTTF there Marcos Fantasy FUT in previous articles. Both are players with very complete statistics, good size and Slim Body Type. That’s why they are able to stand up to very demanding attackers, but also to conform and even be protagonists with the ball.

While The centrals are less remarkable, although they are still good. Although he’s gold, I’m including Van Dijk because he works great in FIFA 23 (even more so in next-gen). His own body type is very effective this year and often makes up for the lack of acceleration with defensive stats. Other than that, if you are looking for someone faster, you have other cheap options like Guehi Future Stars.

And Fernando Fantasy FUT is not that convincing physically because he is only 1’83 tall and his body type is Slim. But respects the rhythm and the most important attributes in defense are very good. For this reason, without being a high level DFC, he is a competitive person.

A very correct MCD and someone of better quality at his side

Due to its low cost, I feel that Vinicius Souza Future Stars is not very popular in FIFA 23. But This is the typical letter that almost always fulfills its role. And he would play the role of a pure CDM who does not hit the ball too much.

Its pacing is barely decent, but that doesn’t spoil all of its destructive qualities. Combines very strong defensive stats with a strength of 94, a height of 1’87 and a tall and balanced body type. That’s why he behaves rather well behind. While he is with the ball, he is rough in dribbling, but sure in circulation.

Yes Oxlade-Chamberlain FUT Ballers would fill box-to-box midfield role. I would have liked him to be a little more precise with the passes, it’s a small flaw compared to the other alternatives in FIFA 23. But he is not used to clashing at the back, his piloting is skilful, he respects the rhythm, stands out from the stars and can even contribute to goals. Without being a spectacular midfielder, he is quite complete.

The quality in attack and the great lack does not stand out from the stars

The idea is to place Bamford Fantasy FUT on the wing during matches, so its three bad leg stars wouldn’t care so much. And from this position we will take advantage of his good passing numbers and perfect dribbling (even though he doesn’t look so good in the game due to his low acceleration and physical condition).

If you play with two forwards, we would use Luis Díaz and Ferrán Torres or we would change to Spanish for Lucas Moura. And if you’re going to use three of them (in a pattern like 4-3-2-1), we’ll just choose them.

Neither Moura nor Luis Díaz are great assists, they have modest passing numbers but at least they are acceptable. Even if The big weakness of this FIFA 23 squad is that our forwards don’t stand out for their stars. None of them hit five skills or a bad leg.

This detail differentiates the model from many more expensive ones. But being such an affordable XI, it’s normal for him to slack off in some aspects. Although forwards are still good. Because they compensate for this defect with quality.

Lucas Moura’s body type is interesting, and Luis Díaz and Ferrán Torres have Delgado. They are skilful footballers in one against one and who do not clash in the definition. That’s why they know how to generate their own chances.

Remember that on our Telegram broadcast channel We notify you when we upload content to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. And here we leave you news about Rivaldo Icon FUT Anniversary. Cheers!


FIFA 23 Standard Edition XBOX ONE |  castellano

FIFA 23 Standard Edition XBOX ONE | castellano

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