After the arrival of CCS of Justin Bijlow’s TOTS Moments and the new themed challenge to keep adding experience in the season passwe concluded the day by looking at how to add to our club a The team of the season Since Eredivisie assuredly. Go for it.

SBC “Improve TOTS Eredivisie”

We can meet this challenge until Sunday May 7 at seven in the evening (Spanish peninsula time). The prize will consist of a TOTS of the Eredivisie team. will not be repeatable and the player who touches us it will not be transferable.

  • Minimum team star value: 84
34,650 coins in general market and 38,900 in PC

Although several of these TOTS are very useful in the field, most of them are very affordable. For this reason, we think the most likely thing would be to receive someone with a low market price. SO there would be no problem if we let it go.

Although at the same time as the cost of the SBC is not very high either, you can complete it in case fortune smiles on you and you receive the letter from Xavi Simons. Or even wait until Friday if you plan to open untradeable packs saved during the Premier League Team of the Season. So if you get repeated items with an average of 83-84-85, you can sacrifice them here instead of just throwing them away.

In this link we explain them how to vote for your favorite players for LaLiga Santander TOTS. We remind you that you can follow us on our official Telegram broadcast channel so you don’t miss any FUT 23 news.

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