Fate/strange Fake already has a new release date after being delayed

Fate/strange Fake already has a new release date after being delayed

It has already rained a lot since last September they introduced us”Fate/Strange False”. This is the new anime (in the form of a spin-off) of the well-known, long and messy “Fate” franchise. From, we received one of lime and another of sand. First, we were told that might have more episodes than expected, although it is unlikely. However, came the blow: has been delayed indefinitely For unknown production issues.

This “darkness” has come to an end. And it is that We already have a release date for “Fate/strange Fake”according collected Anime Trends. Although we still have things to know about this anime, at least We already have a day to mark on the calendar. First of all, I leave you the trailer that revealed the release date.

Fate/strange Fake release date

Here’s what we know so far:

  • Fate/Strange False» will arrive this next the July 2nd.
  • there will be a world premiere in Los Angeles.
  • The anime will have the subtitle “Whispers of dawn”.
  • The study responsible for bringing this story to life is Pictures A-1.
  • For the moment, It is still not confirmed if it will be a special chapter (most likely) or a series with several episodes.
  • I remind you that initially its premiere was scheduled for December 31, 2022.

And here is the information on the “Fate/Strange Fake” release date. Now that I’ve spoken, it’s your turn, so I’m asking you… Were you looking forward to this new arrival date? What do you think this spin-off will bring to the franchise? I read you in the comments!

Before concluding, since we are talking about a franchise with multiple series and quite messyI leave you the big joint that my partner marked Michael. In it he tells us in which order to see the whole “Fate” saga.

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