On the occasion of the premiere of you would too This Wednesday, April 26, 2023, I was able to speak with the two creators of the series (David-Victor there Jordi Vallejo) and six of the actors who are part of a very choral cast. If you’re about to see you would too In netflix or you have already finished the first season, enjoy these EXCLUSIVE interviews in Areajugones.

David Victori and Jordi Vallejo, creators of You would do it too

It was an honor to speak with David-VictorDirector of you would tooand with Jordi Vallejoscreenwriter with David from the Serie. They both told me how the project was born, how it came into the hands of Disney+ and explained why they opted for a format so close to that of Red Sky: Fast-paced 30-minute chapters.

Paco Tous, Michelle Jenner and José Manuel Poga talk about You Would Too

We also had the opportunity to interview some of the cast of You would do it too. First to Jose Manuel Poga, Michael Jenner there Paco All. While the latter two play the passengers of a bus, victims of an attempted robbery in the middle of the night, Jose Manuel brings to life a “hooded” hero who kills the thieves and escapes. Everything seems to indicate that the passengers have agreed to camouflage the man who saved their lives, but little by little they will be surrounded by the police… Listen to what José Manuel Poga, Michelle Jenner and Paco Tous told me in this interview!

Ana Polvorosa, Ana Wagener and Pablo Molinero talk about You Would Too

Ana Polvorosa there Paul Miller interpret the Rebecca there France respectively, two police officers who have just broken up after having a long relationship for years. them, with Victoria (Anna Wagener)they will be tasked with finding out what happened in this heist that ended with 3 murdered robbers and a search and capture media “hero”. Are the bus passengers hiding it? listen to what they told me Ana Polvorosa, Pablo Molinero there Ana Wagener in this interview!

You would also it is an original series of Disney Plus which is already available in Spain through this link.

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