After the premiere of the Super Mario Bros. animated movie, it looks like the plumber and his crew are experiencing a new golden age in which they enjoy the affections of millions of people of all ages. These Nintendo characters have long since become pop culture icons, and one of the brands benefiting the most from them is Lego. As of today there are impressive sets from Friends, The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, so the one dedicated to Mario could not miss.

The Danish toy company has launched a special pack dedicated to Mario, Peach, Luigi and Yoshi A few years ago it swept the stores in many countries, so it only made sense that they used the momentum of the movie Illumination to expand their collection. This week it was revealed that they were planning the premiere of a Donkey Kong-focused expansions, and now we know a lot more about it. Then I will share all the details you need to know about DK’s LEGO sets.

Donkey Kong arrives at LEGO

  • LEGO presented a total of four different expansion sets featuring different members of the “DK Crew”
  • All those They will be released on August 1. of this same year
  • He the price varies depending on the edition purchased

Dixie Kong Jungle Jam Expansion Set

  • Number of pieces: 172
  • Price: 26,99€
  • Description– Music-focused pack that includes a Dixie Kong figure and Squawks the parrot

Rambi the Rhino Expansion Set

  • Number of pieces: 106
  • Price: 9,99€
  • Description: pack including a Rambi figure that can be ridden by Mario and that makes sounds when he walks or runs

Donkey Kong Treehouse Expansion Set

  • Number of pieces: 555
  • Price: 64,99€
  • Description: pack that offers the treehouse of donkey kongas well as a figurine of him (which can be ridden by Mario, Luigi or Peach) and another of Cranky Kong

Diddy Kong Mining Truck Expansion Set

  • Number of pieces: 1,157
  • Price: 104,99€
  • Description: the plague set includes a Diddy KongAnd mountable mine cartan aircraft store Funky Kong and even one of topos who became enemies in Donkey Kong Country games

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think we’re witnesses the beginning of a great collaboration between Nintendo and LEGO. Given the news that the Japanese company will continue to bet on films and series focused on its main IPs, it is possible that it will also be in charge of releasing toys in parallel. Let’s remember they fled long ago sets dedicated to The Legend of Zelda

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