Events with fans prove growth of eSports in pandemic, says expert

Events with fans prove growth of eSports in pandemic, says expert

The events that will allow fans to return to eSports competitions will prove that the growth that electronic sports had in the pandemic was real, the general director of the Professional Video Game League assured this Saturday. (LVP), Jordi Soler.

“It is the verification that we are all there, that it is a reality, that it is not a fantasy of the online world and that in the end everything makes a lot of sense because we are social beings, we like contact and we show that this exists,” he explained to Efe the Spanish director.

The most important executive of the LVP, one of the most important video game competition operating companies in Spanish-speaking countries, admitted that the return to events in which eSports fans can enjoy live championships benefits to attract new sponsors.

“Not having fans harmed the incorporation of new brands that wanted to be in the ecosystem. The ones we had with us have continued and are happy because they saw the growth in audiences, but we had difficulty incorporating new ones. Having face-to-face events allows us to verify that this is a reality,” Soler reiterated.

According to a study by the expert technology consultancy The Competitive Intelligence Unit, Mexico closed 2020, the year the pandemic began, with 72.3 million gamers, of which 11.1 million consume eSports tournaments. In 2021, the figure rose to 76.7 million gamers.

The LVP will have as its first major event in Latin America the Ubeat Live Mexico Edition Zero on August 6 in Mexico City, a festival that will have as its main course the final of the Mexican League of Legends between The Kings and Atheris Esports.

In addition, there will be a ‘freestyle’ exhibition that will face two teams commanded by two of the main exponents of the world of improvisation, the Mexican Aczino and the Spanish Chuty.

The Ubeat Live, which hopes to bring together some 5,000 fans in Mexico, had its first edition on July 1, 2 and 3 in Barcelona, ​​Spain with activities related to gaming, but also urban culture.

“Mexico is one of the most important eSports markets in Latin America. We have been here for about five years and we are happy with how the activity is growing. If we see the level of the economy and demographic development, it is the best place to start the first franchise of Ubeat Live outside of Spain. We’ll see if it also makes sense in other countries in the region,” Soler said.

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