The Penguin, the series with Collin Farrell and taking place in the universe of The Batman

After the success of The Batmansuperhero movie CC Protagonized by Robert Pattinson and which swept the theaters in 2022, the first spin-off of this cinematographic universe which will gradually take shape arrives on MAX and HBO Max. Her name is The Penguinand as you will have understood, it is centered on the character he embodied Colin Farrel.

This afternoon, Warner Bros. Discovery summoned the American media to present all the news about MAX, the new streaming platform that will replace HBO Max, and this series was one of the main surprises. Although there is still plenty of time for its premiere, we received its first official trailer.

The Penguin, Collin Farrell’s series set in the universe of The Batman

Although the trailer is not sample contentmore than anything because it’s a teaser of the production rather than a preview as such, This helps us get an idea of ​​the scale of the project. Who didn’t remember The Batman, both in photography and in tone? We were also able to take a look at the film sets, of the highest quality and an example that no expense was spared.

Colin Farrel He is an Irish actor known for his participation in various successful films such as Tigerland, Minority Report, Phone Booth, In Bruges, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them there Lobster, among others. From now on, he will put himself in the place of The Penguin in this series of MAX there HBO Max.

The Penguin will take place after the events of The Batman

When does The Penguin air on MAX and HBO Max?

After enjoying this first teaser of The Penguinknow that The series and the first spin-off of The Batman will air on MAX and HBO Max next year, in 2024. This way it will probably already be available MAX in Spain, so HBO Max It will be a thing of the past.

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