Miranda! has already released the fourth preview of what will be his next album, Hotel Miranda!. In this album, the electropop duo will review their more than twenty years of experience and it will be released at the end of this month of March. After the release of THREAD next to Ca7riel, Christmas with Bandalos Chinos and I’ll tell you next to Lali; A new guest of honor arrives at the “hotel” of the Argentines.

one of the two is the great ballad that united the duo with Emily, one of the urban artists of the moment. The song was originally included in Unlimited, the second album that Miranda! launched in 2004, almost twenty years ago. The theme is a ballad of grief and farewell which He adapted perfectly to Emilia’s voice.

“He knew it better than me”

The registration process one of the two It was an honor for Emilia as well as Alejandro Sergi and Juliana Gattas, members of Miranda!. “It was very pleasant to attend Emilia’s recording session. He sang the song perfectly, he knew it by heart. In fact, he knew more than me. He sang the melody line as it is in the original version, something I had already forgotten. His interpretation is tinged with this affection he feels for the subject. And for such a moving piece, nothing better than that,” said Sergi.

The new version of one of the two comes from the hand of a music video of the most original, directed and directed by Melanie Anton. In this one, the duo Miranda! plays with her own hotel transformed into a dollhouse in which Emilia has her particular figure. Thus, the singer becomes a doll controlled by Ale and Juli, the owners of the hotel.

Emilia in Spain with LOS40

Argentina is one of the most powerful artists on the current urban scene. And the best thing is There is nothing left to enjoy Emilia live in Madrid! The interpreter of great hits like Poisoning, Eighty, as if it didn’t matter oh It’s only just begun will go on stage Live Las Ventas de Madrid on March 17 with LOS40 as the official station.

Hotel Miranda! It’s the Hispanic-American duo’s most ambitious project to date. From the tracklist with their greatest hits to the amazing guests they have and the great AV work they do.

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