Every time you put gas in your vehicle, you probably think about how nice it would be not to have to pay such high prices for fuel.

In fact, many people choose to buy electric car.

Electric cars are more popular than ever. By 2023, 6 hybrid or electric vehicles are among the top 10 cars on Consumer’s Reports annual list, despite slightly higher prices.

Welding, grinding, cutting and sanding is the passion of Frances Farnam, at only 14 years old, she thinks about the current crisis caused by high gas prices and focuses on a green future.

“Increasingly, electric car manufacturers are offering consumers better and more extensive options,” said AAA spokeswoman Isabel Stewart.

The biggest incentive to buy an electric car continues to be the savings on the cost of gasoline.

“The person saves up to $8,000 by having an electric car for five years or more. It’s a huge saving,” said Nadia Torres, spokeswoman for Consumer’s Report.

But, in addition to the economy, it is the benefit to the environment that has motivated the government to offer other incentives to those who buy these cars.

“Tax credits. rebates and rebates that can help you save money when buying a hybrid vehicle,” Stewart said.

These credits can be state and federal. In California, for example, the California Clean Vehicle Rebate Project offers rebates between $2,000 and $7,500 to anyone who buys one of the eligible vehicles.

Randy Serrano has the information.

They are also offering tax relief of up to $1,000 to anyone who purchases an electric or hybrid vehicle from 2023.

“Increasingly, there are more places to charge these electric cars,” Stewart said. “There are even incentives from your local businesses if you install a charger inside your home as well.”

But it can be difficult if the person does not live in a private house.

Sony unveiled a new high-tech concept car on Wednesday that it will produce in partnership with Honda at the CES tech show. The vehicle, first announced in October, was shown on stage at CES in Las Vegas, Nevada. His name will be Afeela.

“If they live in town, if they live in an apartment, there’s not always room to put the vehicle charger,” Torres says.

An electric car requires less maintenance because it doesn’t need oil changes or air filters. However, it must be taken into account that it can be expensive to replace the battery of this type of vehicle.

But, according to experts, this battery has a minimum lifespan of 10 years.

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