Cuban comedian Nelson Gudin, known for his character “El Bacán,” exclusively told Cuban Newspaper that he fell in love for the first time in the City of the Sun.

Gudin, who had been off the screen for several months in Cuba, was welcomed around two weeks ago in Miami by the popular comedian Carlucho, who received him through the big door at the UnivistaTV studios.

After a work meeting, the charismatic actor greeted the writer and with great joy shared the news of his first love in Miami. We moved to the parking lot of the canal and there the girlfriend of ‘El Bacán’ was like a princess out of a fairy tale.

Before my eyes was a blue car, Honda brand, from the year 2007: a Cuban-style ‘transportation’ car.

“This is my first cart in Miami. I have to clean it better, polish the lights and tires. See how I paint the scratches and change the door handles; But it walks at the speed of light Nothing compares, I am very happy, I feel in love, “said Nelson laughing and with the jocularity that characterizes him.

Without a doubt, this is one of the first rewards that Bacán receives in the cradle of Cuban exile, where if he decides to stay, something that he has not revealed yet, he will be able to reinvent himself, start his life from scratch, make his jokes without fear, without following a script and have the car of your dreams.

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