I’m not sure exactly what the reason will be, but several leaks regarding EA Sports FC have emerged today. And if some of them are pointing former players who could arrive as iconsthe Twitter account @fsheriff_backup showed a card design concept that (he says) should look like that of Ultimate Team.

EA Sports FC – Layout what the cards could look like

This is the design shown.

@fsheriff_backup quotes the famous Twitter account @FootSheriff, which leaked a massive amount of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team content. Looks like they’re related, so It looks like it could be some kind of leak. Although from the words you use it may not be entirely clear.

Since it’s said to be a concept, we shouldn’t assume this will be the final style of Ultimate Team maps in EA Sports FC. But at the same time he comments that they should look like what it shows, and for this reason we released it. Because they may be similar in shape and we assume many people would be interested in this information.

If they finally had a similar style, would change a lot from previous editions. It seems that the cards would be squarer and less elongated. And I don’t know if they would have the overall stats at the bottom, or if they would take up even more space.

under my taste placing the stats below would make the design more appealing. I think it would be better visually. However, this might be less convenient as it would cost more to see each footballer’s numbers. Although anyway, I take this opportunity to advise not to be guided by general statistics. Sometimes they are “cunning” because they are very unbalanced in some important attributes. I definitely prefer looking at in-game stats.

Messi Gold Cards in Ultimate Team in FIFA 23, FIFA 22, FIFA 21 and FIFA 20
Card styling in Ultimate Team has been quite similar in recent years (design made possible by FifaRosters.com).

I leave here the articles of Gundogan there Ben White showdown. Also Prediction of the next team of the week FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Cheers!

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