Osamu Tezuka was one of the great pioneering geniuses of animation cinema, especially in Japan. His work on shows like Astro Boy helped lay the foundation for an industry that is now popular around the world and brings us all kinds of exciting stories. One of the most successful works of this creation was Dororothere in 2019 he received the final version he deserved.

Tezuka Productions teamed up with MAPPA (one of today’s top animation studios) to make a remake of the original series that aired in 1969. The result was truly spectacular, and this new “Dororo” became one of the best anime of 2019. You haven’t seen it yet? GOOD so I tell you on which platforms it is available.

Watch anime on Netflix

We start with Netflix, one of the best platforms available to watch anime series and movies. Despite having a fairly complete catalog at the moment, they don’t have the distribution rights to Dororo, so it’s not worth it.

We moved on from Netflix.

Watch the anime on Crunchyroll


We continue with Crunchyroll, the best possible service for watching anime today. with curiosity Dororo cannot be enjoyed on this platform (it seems to me that it was possible before), although fans of the original work have at their disposal Dororo Motion Magazinean anime version of Osamu Tezuka’s manga.

But if you’re looking for the 2019 anime remake, you’re out of luck.

Watch the anime on Prime Video

first video

Now yes. Amazon Prime Video is a platform that has been betting on anime content for quite some time, and as part of its catalog they offer the option to watch Dororo, one of the best action anime available. You have it complete in said service, all 24 episodes.

Yes, Dororo is available on Prime Video.

Watch anime on AnimeBox

anime box

AnimeBox is the most recent platform of all and, as expected, its catalog is growing little by little and it still does not have all the licenses that we would like. Do you have Dororo at the moment? Well the truth is no, and it doesn’t look like it’s coming soon basically because Selecta Visión (owners of AnimeBox) does not have the corresponding broadcasting rights.

AnimeBox no nos vale para ver Dororo.

View anime through Selecta Vision

select view

As I mentioned above, Selecta Visión does not have the appropriate license to distribute Dororo in Spain. It is therefore not possible to resort to the physical format to enjoy this MAPPA and Tezuka Productions series.

Selecta Vision cannot help us.

Disney+, HIDIVE and other services


Well, we have a surprise. Maybe other minor platforms like Disney+ don’t have this series, though. HIDIVE owns the rights to Dororo. Subscribers of this service have at their disposal all 24 episodes of the anime in good quality.

HIDIVE to the rescue!


Right now, those interested in seeing the Dororo remake anime have two legal options on the table. Either they enjoy the series through Amazon Prime Video or subscribe to HIDIVE give him a cane Physical format is not an option to consider.

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