Without a doubt, Final Fantasy is one of the industry’s most beloved sagas and it’s not for less, since it has a large number of games among its proposals. Certainly, a lot of fans say Final Fantasy VII is that special game that made them fall in love with the Square Enix franchiseand the truth is that it is not too surprising, since this opinion is very widespread.

And if you don’t believe me You just have to see the big impact Final Fantasy VII Remake hadthat despite being divided into three deliveries, is one of the most beloved, counting on its multiple variations from the original. Now that’s not the only thing, since FF VII, in itself, is a saga with its various spin-offshow is the Crisis Core caseperhaps the most acclaimed by his followers.

Well, as you well know, at the end of 2022 his long-awaited remaster has arrived (even if it’s rather halfway between the remaster and the remake) and now you can get it at a reduced price on Amazon with this offer that I bring to you.

Take advantage of the discount and get Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion

  • It’s true, if you dig a little on Amazon you will find Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion with another offerwhich varies by platform.
  • Specific, you can get the Square Enix title at a discount for PS5 and Nintendo Switch.
  • In Xbox series X|Swithout knowing very well why, it is also updated, but it is quite small, since only 5% discount on its total price: You can receive for 42.99 euros (before 45.45 euros).
  • The version for Xbox consoles It costs a little less, but I really couldn’t tell you why.
  • Now on to the big deals, which, while not spectacular, are more than scrumptious.
  • you can enter Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion on PS5 with a 22% discount, i.e. for 44.49 euros (before 56.99 euros).
  • On Nintendo Switch its discount is 17%, so you can get it at the price of 43.99 euros (before 52.98 euros).

As you can see, you have more than a good opportunity to get your hands on one of the most beloved spin-offs in the entire Final Fantasy franchise, and more in its renewed and improved version.

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