The Department of Justice (DOJ) took action Friday to swiftly dismantle the independent review of documents seized from the estate of Donald Trump in Mar-a-Lagoarguing in an appeals court that the review ordered by District Court Judge Aileen Cannon is impeding your criminal investigationaccording to Politico.

The filing asks a federal appeals court to expedite consideration of the issue and prosecutors complain that the “special master” review prevents the Justice Department from accessing thousands of unclassified records recovered from the former president’s estate.

Although those documents do not present the same pressing national security concerns, Justice Department officials said they continued blocking of unclassified materials had slowed investigators’ efforts to determine how some of the classified records were transferred to Mar-a-Lago and whether any of them were improperly accessed.

With this appeals court filing, the DOJ is seeking an expedited review of its appeal of Cannon’s order establishing special master review.

And that although Judge Cannon ruled that legal briefing on appeal should continue through mid-December or later, DOJ’s proposed accelerated timeline would conclude that process by mid-November and oral arguments would be set soon after.

The Justice Department’s motion also seeks to capitalize on a ruling earlier this month by an 11th Circuit panel that unanimously granted the government’s request to exclude about 100 documents with classification marks. special master review.

Prosecutors suggest the decision may have created a precedent that undermines Cannon’s essential justification for deciding to have the review done.

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