With John Wick 4 premiering a day away, many fans suspect this could be the end of the saga. because of the ambition of this chapter: much longer and with more action than the rest of the episodes of John Wick. With that air of closure, it wouldn’t be surprising if Keanu Reeves’ character ended up dying at the end of the sequel. What are the odds of this happening?

We know that In John Wick 4, the famous murderer will have to face very dangerous trials to obtain his freedom. Although we’ve seen John Wick survive all sorts of situations, it looks like this will be his biggest challenge yet, so the integrity of the assassin is not assured.

Warning: from this moment there are spoilers for John Wick 4

What happens to John Wick at the end of John Wick 4?

At the end of the film, John Wick fights with another assassin named Caine. Wick eventually defeats his foe, but is seriously injured in the fight. Later, Wick sits on the steps of the Sacred Heart in Paris, thinks of his late wife Helen, and finally collapses. on the ground, which seems to indicate that the life of the famous assassin is over.

Is John Wick really dead?

the last scene of John Wick 4 shows the manager of the Continental, the King of the Bowery, and John’s dog gathered in front of his friend’s gravestone.. According to John’s last wishes, he was brought back to New York to be buried next to his wife. In this way, the end of the film seems to confirm that Wick is really dead.

Despite all that, there is always the possibility that John Wick is still alive and faked his death to be able to start from scratch as someone anonymous and completely disconnected from the world of murder. It’s true that Chapter 4 is a satisfying end to the saga, and they can leave it at that, but if the box office numbers are good, Wick could be resurrected for a fifth installment.

Will there be John Wick 5?

In principle, it has not been confirmed that there will be a fifth of John Wick, but Keanu Reeves said a few days ago that it is not impossible for the saga to continueand that everything will depend on the success of John Wick 4. In any case, the franchise universe will continue to expand with spin-offs such as The Continental and Ballerina.

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