Creed 3 shows us the Adonis’ return to the ring. This third component is somewhat different from the others since he didn’t have Sylvester Stallone’s iconic character, Rocky. Still, the film received rave reviews from press and viewers. Thanks to this success, it has already been confirmed that there will be another sequel, but Does Creed 3 have a post-credits scene that connects to the fourth installment?

No, there is no post-credits scene in Creed 3.

  • Despite Michael B. Jordan confirmed that he was already working on a sequel, Creed 3 There is no post-credits scene..
  • Despite the fact that many viewers enjoy this type of content, I think this movie has an ending that is better without them.
  • Moreover, even if We already know that there will be a fourth partit is likely that the production has not yet advanced enough to continue with the previous opus.

It is true that in productions such as those belonging to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the post-credits scenes make sense because they’re all connected. However, I think there are many other cinematic sagas that they used to end the post-credits scenes because it’s fashionable. In these cases they are quite superfluous and unnecessary, breaking some endings with the for the sole purpose of generating anticipation for the upcoming sequel.

Creed 3 doesn’t need post-credits scenes

Creed 3 is an excellent boxing movie.

All the tapes of the saga Creed they told self-contained stories that begin and end on their own. Yeah Credo 3 had a post-credits scene, it would be the only one to have it, something that would be rare to see after its previous installments. Finally, it should also be noted that the tape has a very good ending that doesn’t need anything else.

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