Ibai and his team have a great challenge to face with the new season 2 of the program

The first program of Disaster Heads 2which was content with a crossover with the Kings League, left us with quite striking moments (in this other post You can check out a quick summary of the program in case you haven’t had a chance to see it live), but the truth is that Ibai and his team have a big challenge ahead of them. A challenge that It has to do with the audience that the premiere of this second season of the competition had.

The fact is that if we take the data that the account has collected TV TOP (which is responsible for reflecting different relevant figures with regard to the Twitch platform and the community of Spanish-speaking streamers), we will notice a specific detail: the first show of Disaster Chefs 2 was the best of all in terms of production, but the worst in terms of viewership. I leave you with the data below.

How many people watched the first broadcast of Disaster Chefs Season 2?

  • Disaster Chefs Season 2 Show 1 had an average viewership of 134,000 and a peak peak of 165,000 viewers
  • The show with the least audience of season 1 was the 4th and this one had an average of 172,000 viewers and a maximum peak of 193,000
  • This is the program for last Tuesday was the least viewed in the history of the contest
  • In case you were wondering: the most watched program it was the first broadcast of season 1 with an average of 350,000 viewers and a maximum peak of 400,000

These are not low figures, far from it: many would like to have a hundredth of the audience that saw the last broadcast of Disaster Chefs 2, but the conclusion that can be drawn from this data is that the audience for it will drop slightly. little by little That’s what I meant by the “Ibai and his team have a great challenge ahead of them”: The program has enormous potential, but we will have to find ways to maintain its numbers and not continue to decline. What do you think of all this?

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