The first season of Disaster Chefs left us with several moments that will be remembered in Twitch databases, but the Season 2 premiere didn’t lack in that regard; even if it is true that its audiences were the lowest program history. But Ibai and company have enough time because to come back in the rest of the programs that remain from this new edition of the competitionbeing the second that I will focus on here.

The thing is I was Found and all the details we needed to know about Disaster Chefs 2 show 2, so below I leave you a summary of it so that you do not miss it and you can see it live. Let’s go with all that.

When and at what time does program 2 of Disaster Chefs 2 start?

  • This will take place today, May 3
  • As Ibai himself reported through his Twitter account, it will take place at 7:30 p.m. (Spanish time).

Who are the participants of the second program of Disaster Chefs 2?

  • Torque 1: Luzu and Polispol
  • couple 2: Marina Rivers and Claudia Garcia
  • couple 3: Hope and Victory
  • couples 4: Xokas and Knekro (aka Father)
  • couples 5:Skain and Shiro
  • couples 6: Cristinini and Reven
  • The judges will be IlloJuan and Andrés
  • The presenters, again, will be Ibai and Masi
  • I leave you with an image of each of them below so you can put a face to those you don’t know

Where can you see the program?

As happens in every edition of Disaster Chefs, all programs are streamed through Ibai’s own Twitch channel. I leave you the link below so that you have it as close as possible:

Well, there you have all the information about this second program of Disaster Chefs 2. ¿Lo go to worm?

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