Diego Boneta revealed in an interview that he he will never stop thanking the Netflix production that has “changed his life”, in addition to sharing that he is not afraid of being pigeonholed as the actor who gave life to Luis Miguel, but he did confess that he is ready to close that chapter in his life.

“What the series gave me changed my life and I will always be very grateful for everything that happened, but this is the first project that I produce, it is the closing of a chapter and in this new one incredible things come and it is time to be able to be producer, is a tipie; act, produce and generate content of all kinds, under Three Amigos.”

“It is fun to be an actor, but you approach things with the table already set, but now I can create stories and be able to enter, work with the best Latin Americans and generate projects that are the best for me, also this is my first project with the production house and I’m very excited,” accepted Boneta.

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