I have a desire for Diablo IV that isn’t even half normal. especially after that i could try it in the first closed beta of the game which took place a few weeks ago. My take on the game when it was finished was pretty clear: I don’t want to touch it again until it’s officially released. But then I ended up falling for your next open exam… and I might still fail the promise I made to myself. with the beta taking place during the next month of May.

As you’ve heard (or read, I assume): Diablo IV officials have announced a new open beta which will be available to everyone in the middle of next month. Then I leave you with all the details you need to know about it so that you do not miss the opportunity to try the game again. Go ahead.

When is Diablo IV Open Beta 3?

  • This beta will be free and will take place between May 12 and May 14
  • Will be available on all platforms the game is released
  • To play it on PC you will have to open battle.net, go to the game page and in the options menu, you will have to select the Server Slam version
  • On PS Store and Xbox you will have to enter the search box: Diablo IV Server Slam (I will update this same news with direct links so that you have them on hand as soon as they are released)
  • If you have already downloaded the Diablo IV beta beforeyou will only have to install an update for this one (the game will detect it automatically)

What content will be available in this new Diablo IV open beta?

  • Among other things, the beta will serve to test the game with all the changes that Blizzard has already made. (like Barbarian and Druid buffs for example)
  • The final boss known as Ashava will spawn on May 13 and spawn every 3 hours until the trial period ends.
  • In this case, progress from previous betas will not carry over to this server test
  • Also, the progress we make in this server test will not carry over to the final game
  • For him, we can consider this test as a kind of independent and isolated period of play
  • You will only be able to raise characters to level 20 in this beta

All the free rewards of this new Diablo IV test

  • free title: Reach the Kyovashad area with a character
  • free title: reach level 20 with a character
  • Free Cosmetic Pack: reach level 20 with a character
  • Free trophy: kill the final boss Ashava with a level 20 character

Well, that’s all the information I wanted to share regarding this Diablo IV server test. Will you be back in the game on May 12? I read you in the comments.

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